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Attention (your state) Residents!

(Your State) residents may qualify for a State-Regulated Burial Benefits Program to pay for your burial, funeral & final expenses.

Qualification and Regulations change often

Why spend $12,000 of your hard earned dollars for your funeral costs?

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As an adult, did you know that you might be eligible for a state-regulated life insurance program to pay for all burial and final expenses?

It is important to know how to qualify for this affordable life insurance plan available to you.

To learn how to qualify please click the button below.

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Why don't more (your state) residents know about this?

(Your State) residents can get up to $35,000 in State-Regulated Burial Insurance coverage. 

The average funeral is over $11,000.

Rates start at $25/month.

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Ugh This is AWKWARD!

Why is Life Insurance called Life Insurance? Shouldn't it be called Death Insurance?

It’s bad enough, the average funeral is over $11,245 and most people on a fixed income don't have that kind of cash laying around for a funeral and final expenses.

Well, there are now "Death" Insurance plans available from top rated companies that specialize in people on a fixed income, it's affordable, it's easy to qualify, and it's real coverage.

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There is a NEW state regulated insurance program designed to pay what the government funds do not cover for final expenses.

If you qualify, these plans may pay 100% of funeral expenses or up to $35,000. This is a TIME LIMITED offer so act now.

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Hey Responsible Adults,

Don’t make your family pay for you funeral! We help you put a plan in place that will cover all funeral costs so your family won’t have to come up with the money during such a difficult time.

Funerals average $9000.

Are you and your family prepared to pay that?

Do you want them to?

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Hey (your state) Residents!

Funerals can cost $8000 and living on a fixed income can be tough. Having $8k lying around just for Funeral Costs would be great, but easier said than done, right?

Well, there’s a State-Regulated Burial Insurance Benefits plan just for you that will pay for your Funeral Costs allowing you to breathe and not worry about the burden, but regulations changes daily. So please don’t delay.


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As responsible adults we all know Dying is expensive!

Once you add up all the expenses the average cost for a funeral is over $8,000! 

The good news is there is now a low-cost State-Regulated Burial Insurance Plan available for (your state) Residents.

To have a benefits coordinator contact you to determine your qualification and eligibility please click the button below.

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